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Katarina and Roman have more than 10 years of experience in writing content optimised for the web (Search Engine Optimization – SEO).

For 5 years they were online journalists. After that they were working in different marketing teams, writing content for websites, newsletters, and social media. They were also writing online and PR news and articles for offline or internal magazines.

Katarina wrote more than 450 personal blog posts on her website Kandela.si (in Slovenian).

In 2007, Roman started writing about blogging on WordPress. After that, he specialized in SEO and building websites using WordPress. Until this day he already built over 100 websites. Including Careforyourcontent.com.

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Katarina Alič Čretnik
Katarina Alič ČretnikContent creator
Hello, I’m Katarina. Nice to meet you.

I am a very curious person, a mother of two and a wife (of Roman), who loves writing, internet, languages, music, art, and cares for the content, whether it’s yours or mine. I like taking trips with my boys, hiking, yoga and chatting with interesting people.

I am also a Russian teacher and sinologist who has more than 10 years of experience with writing web optimized (SEO) content. In this time, I wrote more than 450 personal blog posts on my website Kandela.si (in Slovenian).

For 5 years I was an online journalist and for the last 5 years, I work in marketing, am writing content for websites, newsletters, and social media. I also write online and PR news, articles for offline or internal magazines.

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Roman Čretnik
Roman ČretnikWordPress and SEO Specialist
Hi, my name is Roman and I am Katarina’s husband. 🙂

When not with my family or on long runs I’m all over internet.

I am a WordPress enthusiast with over 10 years of experience in web and mobile page development. If you need to build a professional website or store, I am the guy for you. If you wish I can also optimize, import and publish all the content for you.

I pay a lot of attention to SEO – Search Engine Optimization to get high rankings on Google and other search engines.

I have a lot of experience with email marketing, mostly with MailChimp. I can set up an account for you, arrange and import lists with email addresses, create beautiful templates and send out your messages. Additionally, I can connect your website with your MailChimp account so you can collect quality leads.

To boost your content I use Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. I will manage and optimize all your campaigns.

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